Why This Blog?

Ever since I was six years old, sitting at my mother’s typewriter, I have been a writer. Later on, in high school, I wrote articles for the school paper and yearbook, Then, after graduating from college, I worked as an advertising copywriter, a magazine editor, and the writer of several business-to-business newsletters.

But it was not until I retired from all of this that I actually became a published author. It happened not long ago, in January of this year. I had been writing manuscripts and book proposals for several years, but had not been able to find a print book publisher willing to publish my submissions. Oh, they were very courteous in their rejections, but my themes were just not what they were looking for. It was all very discouraging.

Then, I met a friend at a gathering who, after listening to my tale of woe, gave me a one-word solution to my problem: “Kindle.” She then told me of how she learned about eBook publishing on the dtp.amazon.com site, and how her computer-savvy husband had helped her to publish her first work of non-fiction on the site. I looked into the matter and, also with the help of her husband, published my first non-fiction eBook — not only on amazon.com but also on barnesandnoble.com.pubit and on smashwords.com. Earlier this month, I published my second non-fiction eBook on all three of these sites, and am deeply involved in publicizing these two eBooks, while preparing a third manuscript for publication.

Why, then, am I starting this blog? First, to encourage other authors or potential authors to do the same, and to warn them of some pitfalls along the way. I am not promising riches or world fame in this endeavor — only the exhilaration and satisfaction of becoming a published author.

In all future posts, I will relate some of my experiences in eBook formatting, publishing and marketing, in hopes of giving you some information and warnings that may smooth your way to publishing success.

So please come back to see what I have to offer in these future posts.


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