My First eBook Publisher: Amazon.Com

As I mentioned in my first post, when a fellow author first heard of my tribulations while trying to get traditional Catholic book publishers to publish my manuscript, she offered me a one-word solution: “Kindle.”

I followed her advice and signed up on to find the exhilarating experience of publishing my first eBook, Jesus’ Six Keys to a More Perfect You. So far, it has not showed signs of becoming a bestseller; but, then, I never expected it to be, because of the significant competition from the big-name authors within the Catholic eBook subset of the whole Christian eBook category. On top of that, there’s the matter of my own limited experience in the online marketing of eBooks.

I chose, not just because my friend suggested it, but also for a number of other reasons. First, because inventories more than 900,000 eBook fiction and non-fiction titles (including more than 67,500 eBooks in my chosen category) on its site, which it delivers almost instantly via its Whispersync system to a wide range eReader devices in virtually every format. Also, because Amazon offers its authors, who fulfill certain requirements regarding pricing and content size, a 70 percent royalty option.

More importantly, Amazon.Com, the world’s largest online bookstore, sells eBooks — big time! Last year Amazon sold 15 percent more Kindle ebooks than paperback books and 43 percent more Kindle ebooks than hardcover books. One author sold more than 1 million Kindle eBook copies of one of his book, and over 3 million Kindle eBook copies of all three books in his trilogy. Why does Amazon do so well? Simple: it owns and sells the Kindle eReader device, dedicated entirely to reading electronic books anywhere, anytime. Kindle owners are insatiable book lovers. Right now, has sold more books for me than either of the other publishers/distributors/retailers.

Secondly, I found its manuscript formatting requirements to be relatively easy to execute (I will get more into this in later posts). Thirdly, its manuscript-to-eBook conversion-to-eBook publication system (via MobiPocket) also is very easy to use. And finally, I am enjoying the fruits of many of Amazon’s author/eBook marketing support services such as: each eBook’s own book page, which enables me to direct buyer prospects to the specific page set up on to describe my book’s contents and details about its specs, and to offer a 14-day loan of the book and to show examples of other books similar to mine for the buyer’s consideration. (This last feature works for me as well on the sites of those eBooks that Amazon considers to be similar to mine.)

So far, I have published two eBooks on Here are the links to each of their eBook pages:


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