My Third eBook Publisher:

To be perfectly honest, I can’t remember how I heard about Smashwords, but I’m glad I did. Mark Coker, CEO of Smashwords is something of an eBook production and distribution genius. I have learned more about eBook publishing from him than from anyone else. Two of his own eBooks, Smashwords Style Guide and Smashwords Book Marketing Guide have been most instrumental in bringing me up to speed about formatting for acceptance by all eBook formats and on the important ways to promote the sale of my ebooks.

One of the best features of Smashwords author support system is inclusion in its Premium Catalog, which can be attained only by formatting one’s manuscript so well according to Smashwords’ guidelines as to fill all the requirements of the myriad eReader providers and booksellers to whom this catalog is sent periodically.

For a time, I had great difficulty in overcoming one hurdle on my way to this goal: my Table of Contents hyperlinking, which is critical to competing for sales to several major eBook eReader or tablet Mac/PC formats. (I will deal with how I overcame this problem in an upcoming post.)

Additionally, Mark has engineered Smashwords’ author support system to maximize eBook sales by drawing readers to my author and book sites on, and by using the Smashwords couponing program to offer promotional discounts or, in the case of prospective established book reviewers, to offer free copies of my books for that purpose.

Clicking the links below will take you to Smashwords sites that illustrate several of my points:

My eBook Pages:

My Author Profile Page: will loom large in future posts on eBook formatting and marketing strategies and technoques.


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