The E-Mail Campaign for an eBook

One of the best publicity resources for any author’s book marketing campaign is his/her email address book. Currently, I maintain a gmail address book of more than 270 names, grouped into fifteen different categories, including immediate and extended family members, Catholic magazine editors, Catholic newspaper editors, friends and acquaintances at our church, friends and neighbors within our community, friends in former parishes and communities, previous eBook buyers, etc. These categories enable me to segment my list in order to tailor my e-mail message according to our particular releationship or their particular function (e.g., as editors of or bloggers in Catholic media or reviewers of Catholic books).

The specific type of eBook genre that I write (Catholic/Christian religious books) dictates the make-up of my target market segment. If I later switch to writing in another genre, I’ll have to gather and add new e-mail address groups related to that particular genre interest.

An important promotional tool of each e-mail message in each campaign is the author’s unique signature, which includes my name, my occupation (eBook author/publisher) and the links to my various e-Book pages and my pertinent blogs. Here is an example:

John O’Neill
eBook Author/Publisher

My Author/Book Pages

My Blog:

REMEMBER: your email message to any of your groups should always be a soft-sell invitation to read, review or publicize your eBook. No hard-sell. No unwanted spam.

Obviously, I’ve included examples taken from my personal experiences in my particular genre market. Based on the types of eBooks that you are, or will be, writing, your market segments might be altogether different. If so, be sure that you have researched your book market thoroughly, and have built your e-mail address book accordingly.

Know the print and online media in your target market. Research the influential newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites and social media reaching your target readership. Categorize them into groups within your e-mail address book. Then, as you publish each new eBook invite them to read and review your book.

In the case of potential book reviewers, offer them a free review copy of your book. If you publish on (Kindle) and (Nook), they will permit you to lend potential reviewers a copy of your eBook for a 14-day period. has a coupon program, which enables you to send to selected reviewers a coupon code that will allow them to acquire a review copy of your book at no cost.

The object of all publicity and promotion is to get people to seek more information about each of your eBooks so that they’ll want to buy, read and/or review them and recommend them to others.

Your e-mail address book and e-mail signature can be very valuable tools for achieving those goals.


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