Cover Art Selected for My Next eBook

Here’s the cover image I’ve chosen for the sequel to my third eBook: There Are No Molecules in God, Book 2: The Inner Life of God. It continues the star field theme similar to the previous eBook, but adds to it the Holy Trinity theme depicting the God’s Inner Life content of this second volume of the 2-part series.

I’m more than half-way through the manuscript for this new eBook. 


Two Editions of My Third eBook are Published!

I have been notified that both editions of my new eBook, There Are No Molecules in God, Book One: God is One,  have been published. Surprisingly, Smashwords first approved it for sale, closely followed by Amazon’s Kindle Digital Publishing operation.

Smashwords has notified me that, according to plan, they will review my book for inclusion in the Smashwords Premium Catalog. That’s the tough part, but it is well worth the effort in order have my eBooks distributed to the Apple, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kindle, Kobo and Sony, as well as many other online eBook sellers worldwide.

It could be another two weeks, or more, before I hear whether or not I was accepted into the Premium Catalog  on the first try.

You can find this book’s promotion page on the two links below:

The eBook Waiting Game

I have uploaded two formatted versions of my third eBook manuscript and cover art, one into Amazon’s Kindle Digital Publishing system, the other into the Smashwords. com Meatgrinder system. It’s an agonizing time for a still-newbie.

In the Kindle system, I have cleared to “pending review” hurdle, and am well into the “publishing” phase. I am still not out of the woods; I might be informed of some things that require fixing.

In the Smashwords system,  I began in a much longer queue that with my two previous eBook titles, and am now in the automatic review stage, which will take a while, after which it will have to pass muster in the second review by a trained eBook editor before it goes on sale. Even then, I must await a final review before my book is accepted into the Smashwords Premium Catalog, which  is distributed to its most prestigious and most demanding eBook retailers.

Always, I am concerned about this because on my first two attempts to capture this prize, it took several tries before I accomplished it.

Now Here is a Professional eBook Cover!

In my April 27th post, I talked about experimenting with creating eBook cover art on MS PowerPoint.

Less than an hour ago, I received from my daughter, Meg, the file for her very powerful and professional cover of my soon-to-be-published third eBook, There Are No Molecules in God, Book One: God is One.

On seeing it, my immediate, spontaneous reaction blew me back in my chair! I could never have imagined such a dramatic title heading, so befittingly symbolizing God’s majesty and power.

I am in awe of her talent.