New Manuscript in Full Gear

My new Catholic cosmology blog is dynamically driving the new manuscript. Seven chapters already down on paper. Now preparing to write the chapter on Providence and Order in the Universe. Promises to be a difficult task. It’ll take a while. I’ll let you know when I finish the first draft.

Changed the working title from “The Heavens Proclaim the Glory of God” to “God Seen in His Universe.” At least two already published books have the title taken from Psalm 19:1. The new title is that of my astronomy blog.

Also, trying to choose the front cover image. So far, two possibilities: the visible version of “The Mystic Mountain, Pillars and Jets: HH 902-903 or Eagle Nebula, “Pillars of Creation.” Both are very powerful cover graphics, highlighting the sheer power of Almighty God’s handiwork. Which of the cover images below would you choose: #1, “The Mystic Mountain,” or #2, “Pillars of Creation,” and your reason(s) for your choice. Please send your comments. I’d be interested in your input.

Choice #1, “Mystic Mountain.”

Choice #2, “Eagle Nebula, “Pillars of Creation.”


Rediscovering the Benefit of Blogging

In May, 2011, two months into writing this blog, I had been writing and publishing three e-books in the theology and spirituality genre while simultaneously writing as many as five blogs: three related to theology and spirituality, and two devoted to writing and photography. Additionally, I was doing magazine management consulting work for a publishing client.

Something had to give. Of the three options, I chose to discontinue the five blogs. This freed up enough time and relieved enough stress to enable me to complete my project for my client and to publish all three of my manuscripts as Amazon Kindle, PubIt! and Smashwords e-books.

For months after that, I’d been focusing on just about everything but writing and blogging. It wasn’t until July of this year, when, as a result of all the hype about the discovery of the Higgs boson, which reignited the how-the-universe-got-started debate, that  I started reading Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos. Some of the scientists, stepping way beyond the boundaries of the physical sciences, asserted that their discovery proved that there no longer was a need for a God to create the universe, the “God Particle” (presumably, the Higgs boson) created the entire universe.


That was all the impetus I needed to jump into the fray with my new blog, God Seen in His Universe. It is a great     opportunity to combine my love for theology and my love for astronomy and cosmology with the awe-inspiring    photography of an international host of land-based and space-based telescopes to demonstrate how contemporary scientific discoveries continue to reveal the unfolding of God’s grand design for the universe.

You are most welcome to visit my new blog at:

Switching Gears

After struggling for more than a year on my sequel to There Are No Molecules in God, Book One: God is One, I’ve decided to set it aside for a while and to begin with a different approach, driven by my great love for God’s handiwork seen in all that modern cosmologists and astrophysicists are discovering about the universe.

The book, whose working title is The Heavens Proclaim the Glory of God (taken from Psalm 19:1), examines the scientific discoveries in the last half of the twentieth century, and the early twenty-first century, about the birth and development of the universe.

A supernova explosion seen in the lower left corner of the Horsehead Nebula

Many ideas for chapters of this manuscript appear on my new WordPress blog, God Seen in His Universe, showing with words and stunning color photographs taken by international land-based and space-based telescopes, how God continues to reveal His presence in all the splendor and the glory of  the macrocosm that surrounds us.

Since I’ve made this switch, this new approach which combines theology with astronomy demonstrates not only that God exists, but also that  the masterpiece of the universe can only be the product of His infinite intelligence and power.