About John O’Neill

John and Mary AnnA seminary-educated Catholic layman with a degree in Thomistic philosophy and a year of post-graduate theology at Catholic University of America, John O’Neill has served as an instructor and facilitator in catechetical and renewal programs in several Catholic parishes in various  archdioceses and dioceses in the United States, teaching Catholic and non-Catholic Christians truths about the mysteries of God and the teachings  of the Catholic Faith.

Prior to his retirement, John spent forty-plus years in advertising and magazine publishing management. His writing experience includes  advertising copywriting and non-fiction article writing for business-to-business trade magazines, online newsletters, a specialty market consumer  magazine, and two weblog sites:




John’s published three eBook is in 2011:  Jesus’ Six Keys to a More Perfect You, A Sign Contradicted: Essays on the Life of Christ, and There Are No Molecules in God, Book One: God is One. At present, he is  working on several other religious non-fiction manuscripts, focusing particularly on one about God as Creator and Sustainer of  the Universe, entitled, God Seen in His Universe. His studies in philosophy, cosmogony, cosmology and theology have prepared him well for this particular book.


3 thoughts on “About John O’Neill

  1. I’m a new ebook writer struggling to learn how to hyperlink from my TOC to chapter texts. I’ve just learned from you on how to hyperlink from main body texts to TOC. Please help me learn hyperlinking from TOC to chapter texts. I have the Kindle Publishing Guidelines but I can’t find it there.Thanks a lot. God bless you and more power! Congrats for your very interesting and informative blog.

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