Re-thinking Content Theme

Cover Art, possibly for both books, “Mystic Mountain,” Infrared View

As I mentioned in my previous post, my 3-day weekend retreat at the White House Retreat center was a course-changing experience. Not only did the conferences, spiritual reading and hours spent in the chapel help me to reassess my spiritual life, but they also gave me a whole new perspective on the two manuscripts I’ve been developing.

The recurring theme of the conference talks and my spiritual reading [How Big Is Your God? by Paul Coutinho, S.J.; Chicago: Loyola Press, 2009.] coincidentally centered around the experiencing of God. It struck me as an ideal approach to the topics of both books: God revealed in His universe and God revealed by Jesus Christ as Trinity. Everything during the retreat seemed to orbit around how we experience God, encouraging us to view God in a way befitting an infinite Self-Existent, with no beginning, no possible end, totally free of any limitation whatsoever.

At that realization, everything fell into place. I renamed both books: EXPERIENCING GOD IN HIS UNIVERSE and EXPERIENCING GOD AS TRINITY. Now, I’m reviewing and rewriting each chapter with a view to expanding my readers’ vision to take in all of the possibilities in their relationships with God as Creator of the universe and as the three Divine Persons in the single Divine Substance.

WOW! It’s quite a challenge, but I want to do it. God gave me this intelligence and knowledge for some good purpose. Perhaps this is it.