New Manuscript in Full Gear

My new Catholic cosmology blog is dynamically driving the new manuscript. Seven chapters already down on paper. Now preparing to write the chapter on Providence and Order in the Universe. Promises to be a difficult task. It’ll take a while. I’ll let you know when I finish the first draft.

Changed the working title from “The Heavens Proclaim the Glory of God” to “God Seen in His Universe.” At least two already published books have the title taken from Psalm 19:1. The new title is that of my astronomy blog.

Also, trying to choose the front cover image. So far, two possibilities: the visible version of “The Mystic Mountain, Pillars and Jets: HH 902-903 or Eagle Nebula, “Pillars of Creation.” Both are very powerful cover graphics, highlighting the sheer power of Almighty God’s handiwork. Which of the cover images below would you choose: #1, “The Mystic Mountain,” or #2, “Pillars of Creation,” and your reason(s) for your choice. Please send your comments. I’d be interested in your input.

Choice #1, “Mystic Mountain.”

Choice #2, “Eagle Nebula, “Pillars of Creation.”